QUITETurn it on and you’ll hear only a whisper of air movement. The Luxor Vent Hood blower system provides the quietest ventilation available.

EFFICIENT.The powerful Magic Lung® blower traps cooking contaminants, liquifies grease vapor and removes heat polluted air. Because Magic Lung® does not pull air through a filter, it provides the most efficient kitchen ventilation available today.

EASY CLEANING.The Magic Lung® blower housing snaps apart for easy cleaning in the dishwasher or with warm soapy water. The motor is enclosed in a specially designed housing to keep it out of the grease flow. This means no hidden grease in hard to reach areas.

FIRE SAFETYThe Magic Lung® constant speed centrifugal blower liquifies grease and creates a pressure barrier, which lowers risk of fire.

POWERFULThe Magic Lung® blower can be configured to provide the power needed for even the most demanding cooking surfaces.

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